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Regenerative Medicine

Sara Goel, DO

Board Certified Interventional Pain Management Physician & Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician located in Inner Loop, Medical Center, Rice Village, Houston, TX

Age often brings pain, stiffness, persistent aches, and limited movement — but growing older doesn’t have to stop you from being active and healthy. Double board-certified pain management and rehabilitation physician Sara Goel, DO, uses cutting-edge regenerative medicine techniques to greatly improve your natural healing processes. This can repair damage, improve strength, and end your pain through nonsurgical injections. Call the Houston, Texas, office or click on the online scheduling tool to book your consultation with Dr. Goel now.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a group of advanced procedures that increase the body’s natural healing abilities. Treatments involve placing powerful cells around damaged tissue. The two main forms of regenerative medicine are: 

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells are extremely powerful cells that can transform into any specific type of cell inside the human body. Stem cells can also multiply, generating more stem cells. When placed around damaged tissue, stem cells can restore damage by growing brand-new tissue. 

Stem cells also have anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease pain. Further, they’re anti-apoptotic, which means they reduce the rate of cellular death. 

Stem cells come from multiple sources, including fat, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord blood. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

PRP contains platelets naturally present in your blood, but in a very concentrated form. Platelets form blood clots to curb bleeding when you’re injured. They also contain growth factors and unique proteins that encourage tissue regeneration. 

PRP comes from a small amount of your own blood. Dr. Goel uses a specialized centrifugation method to extract and then concentrate your platelets to make the PRP. 

Both regenerative medicine methods can be excellent options for chronic pain. 

When should I consider regenerative medicine treatments?

Dr. Goel may recommend regenerative medicine treatments if you have an injury or wear-and-tear damage that causes lingering pain or limited function. Regenerative medicine treatments may tame chronic pain in the back, knee, neck, shoulder, elbow, or elsewhere. 

If your chronic pain or function problems directly relate to tissue damage or loss, for example in the case of cartilage loss from osteoarthritis, regenerative medicine could restore function and end pain. 

Usually, regenerative medicine is best for pain that doesn’t improve with conservative treatments like physical therapy. If you’re trying to avoid surgery such as joint replacement or tendon transfer, regenerative medicine could be the answer.

How do regenerative medicine treatments work?

Dr. Goel administers stem cells and PRP through injection. She may use a real-time X-ray to ensure ideal placement of the product. Because the needle is ultrathin, pain is minimal. 

After your regenerative medicine treatment, you can resume your routine almost immediately. Over time, the PRP or stem cells help to rebuild tissue and reduce pain. Usually, you need a series of injections for optimal long-term results. 

Learn more about how your body can heal itself with regenerative medicine: Call Dr. Sara Goel now or click on the online appointment scheduler anytime. 

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